Scalculator – Guitar Edition v1.0.0 released!

It’s released! Scalculator – Guitar Edition on the Android Market.

This is the first release of my first Android program, and I am happy (and nervous) to put it out there!

If you play guitar, bass, banjo, stick or anything similar and have an Android device – check it out!

This edition is a Free-as-in-beer, ad-supported application.

Future Plans

I have 2 more “editions” of the Scalculator planned, Keyboard and Ultimate.

The Keyboard edition will be free-as-in-beer and ad-supported. The Ultimate edition will have both Guitar and Keyboard functionality, no ads, and will be for sale (not sure about the price yet.)

Once all editions are release at v1.0.0, I will add features – I have a ton of ideas, but I want to get a very basic app out there first.

Web Site

I’m working on this website to provide information and support for my applications.

Here is a basic forum for Scalculator support – bug reports, comments, suggestions and so forth are all welcome there.


Source Code

I plan to release the source code for all my apps under GPLv3. I don’t use proguard or other obfuscation techniques.

Right now, I have a Scalculator repository set up in GitHub, mainly because it’s integrated in the IDE I’m using (IntelliJ IDEA).

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