Scalculator 1.3 Sneak Peek

So, one of the things I have been trying to work out is a better “Root Note Picker”. The Scalculator supports a wide-range of notes, but picking them from a simple stock widget is tedious (there are nearly 3 dozen possibilities, so I only ever listed a basic 12.)

I hope that a Circle Of Fifths-style widget might be a better presentation of the most useful subset of these possibilities. Of course this shows enharmonics rather than relative scales, but whatever.

The not-so-colorful — but currently working — picker is shown over there to the left.



Roll the dice? Another feature I got implemented is generating random figures. I also exposed a few useful options, so you have 2 basic “random” methods:

1. The Scalculator can simply pick a random figure out of its database.

2. The Scalculator can generate a random figure, according to some parameters (both exposed and not-exposed). The exposed options currently are:

2a. Don’t be afraid of double accidentals. The means lots of craziness. With this off, it won’t intentionally generate a double accidental, but combinations of notes might come together to produce them.

2b. Extended intervals. You can include 9ths, 11ths, 13ths and so forths in the generated figure or not.

Of course, the result is not truly random and I might tweak the generation parameters as time goes on.

By the by, testing the random figure generation exposed a bug in the engine which I fixed as well. So that was handy.

Anyway, those are the big features that will go into 1.3 – everything is working I just need to polish it a bit.


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